Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get mydigitalid?

mydigitalid will available in the Apple App Store in early April 2017.

What about the Android Version?

We're currently hoping to have the android version out in August 2017.

Where are all the businesses?

With the iOS app ready to go, we are now focusing on building up the business community using mydigitalid. A new iOS version will be out sometime in May which will allow businesses to signup so you can connect with them.

How does it work?

mydigitalid helps you take back control of your information, it encrypts what you want, for the people or organisations you want to give it to, and gives you a place in the cloud where only they can get it

Watch of our explainer video on the home page or click here

Whats the concept?

The concept is based upon the principle that people are willing and happy to share their information with those they want to have it, going against the predominant approach in the market today which is focused on big data analytics.

The platform seeks to provide a capability for businesses to build strong relationships with their customers by reducing the time and complexity for customers to contact them and providing an environment where the brand can deliver their message outside of distraction (or inbox) and in return gain a better understanding of their customers’ needs and loyalty

I'm a business, how do I get involved?

We would love to heard from you. Contact us on and we'll get you setup to be in the initial launch of the business capability.