mydigtalid is a platform which allows people and businesses to connect directly with each other, outside of social networks or other platforms which act as information intermediary.

Users of the platform share their information directly by encrypting it on their device and posting it to a unique location on the internet; where the party they have encrypted it for can access, retrieve locally and decrypt.

In this way people, can directly connect and share their information with other people (keeping their contact details up to date) or share with online business or services, sharing just the information they want, and providing the ability to immediately revoke access when needed.

mydigitalid provides the people the capability to define and manage their own privacy policies for every person or business they connect with.

The idea

mydigitalid is a tech startup, based in Sydney Australia, that seeks to change the way information is managed on the internet, and fill a vacuum that has been created  in the internet's decentralised information management capabilities, through the growth of large centralised information management platforms such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

While other organisations such as etherium (Blockchain identity verification) and Solid (MIT - Decentralised Social Applications) are working on new decentralised technologies, mydigitalid is seeking to help people control the information they already have in their hands today, using the technology already widely used across the internet - their address books on their phones.

mydigitalid seeks to provide people with a single platform for the everyday, not just social occasions. It lets you directly and permanently connect with the people you want to keep in touch with, and the online stores, services and brands that you love and use, so being able to quickly recall and connect is as simple as a few taps on your phone.